April 24th, 2004

Matt Leffler

8:14 Saturday

So, got up this morning...sleeping with someone who wakes up before 11am is really taxing on me. I usually take midday naps to make up for it. I mean when your used to sleeping till 11 getting up at 7:30 to 8am is harash....lol.
Isnt this a cute way to kinda say something but safely not say it....: I L O V almost e U :-) that ext message is bouncing across the channels that be. Tonight we are planning a night in...first Saturday in months that I havent been out. But I figure the company will be an exact match for what I am looking for.
Saw Carla and Connie a few days back, now gonna go see 13 going on 30 with Ron, he is getting me back in the theaters more often apparently. Usually I just rent movies at home.
The roomie is off to his home town, taking boxes. I think I am NOT going to get another roomie.