April 28th, 2004

Matt Leffler

9:3 Add A Rule...

I want you to ADD your rules of how you think people should interact.  This is Rules of Edicate they can apply in any relationship, be it friends, enemies, lovers...I am just curious about the motivators and theory each of us carries regarding others.


Regarding Cell Phones:

1. Never talk to a person on the phone while talking to someone in front of you.  Choose which conversation deserves priority.  This includes drive thrus, paying for gas, shopping, or at a bar. 

2. If a call is important to you, excuse yourself from the room.  Don't ask others to be quiet.

3. When on a date, keep conversations on a phone to a minimal.  Your supposed to be learning more about the person your with, providing them only half your brain says something about your committment.


1. Be romantic.  Just cause some people arent anymore doesnt mean you can't be the gentlemen or lady.

2. Wait until the both of you take pictures together before you put a picture of them up in your house.  I dated this one guy who like after 3 days had framed a printed copy of a picture of me from my homepage.  Scary...

3. Communicate.  And that should span the physical distance rather than the virtual distance your keyboard offers.

4. Never meet someone from online who doesnt have a picture, during the night or at either of your homes.  Pick a neutral place such as a coffee shop.  Two reasons...1. They dont know where you live. 2. Your both out of your comfort zones.

5. Don't tell them who they can hangout with concerning existing friends.  This person has built relationships already and these people were around before you.


1. Dont leave it till tomorrow.  Clean up your own messes and things will work out great!

2. Communicate.  Notes here and there, maybe emails....these all allow for a smooth running home.


1. Never ignore your existing friends due to a recent love interest.  Obviously the amount of time you spend with them will change, but try to include the important people in your life and set aside time one on one with them.

2. Don't befriend their exes.  It fogs your loyalty.  And the best intentions can be easily misseen as mischief.

I'll add more as I think of them.  You can feel free to add as you want. 

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Matt Leffler

9:4 A pic

Ahh....some pictures finally

Me having a rough moment....

The BF kissing a monkey....no not me.

Ron striking a BIG smile...nice teeth pudding pop

After the party during Thunder.....my dearest Lyza

Me and the monkey.