May 3rd, 2004

Matt Leffler

9:6 Rest of the Story

Alrighty...first off lets address the issue of Friday night. Someone else has informed me of another person's version of this night on LJ so I figure what the heck....why not go ahead and make sure that the original version published here included everything that happened from my eyes. (Note: I dont and continue not to read "Arty's" journal as there is nothing positive I could imagine of reading anything in it. I am just going on the passed on information."

So Arty suddenly is well now from Pink Eye and Bronchitis in just 3 days. Marvelous recovery isnt it? Obviously insert a sarcastic look from me.

The house has been like the West Bank since he returned. You just dont know who's land it is, jews and palestinians just keep exploding everywhere. So I have been accustom to the low level of communication but when you decide to have someone in the house that I dont know, you'd assume the following would happen from any "sane" roommate.

1. You'd be told ahead of time. Who likes surprises in their home?
2. You'd think the house would be straightened up...that dishes wouldnt be piled in the sink (which it took arty days to get to that level after "washing " them several times....I kept saying it was all for show and he was just moving them around with the water running...cause everytime he washed them they stayed dirty in the sink) or that Arty's multiple dental floss thingys wouldnt be on the bathroom floor. You'd think maybe we'd have a couple clean towels? Or maybe instead of Arty leaving the leaking trash bags in the foyer he's actually take them out? To me I was PISSED. That a foreign person to my home was seeing it basically sabatoged. While he was gone the places was spotless 90% of the time.
3. So no he never acknoledges any of the people in the living room...just shuttles this nameless person around the house to and from his closed bedroom....can we say shady?
4. The house was 75 degrees and hot! He'd already came behind me 2 times that day and shut off the A/C...who cares that me and my friends where uncomfortable in the house. He claims it was for his sickness...but isnt he well now? And maybe instead of burning all of us up he could just close his vent? But one apparently follows my train of thought here.
5. I slipped him a note asking...1 if he had some scissors? 2. if his friend was styaing the night and 3 to leave the a/c on. I left the place with a neighbor calling me up to announce Arty came out of his room, and opened all the windows and turned off the A/C and he never answered any of my questions..... why do I care?

This is MY house. He already "moved out" I was nice enough to be the big man and allow him to move back in after he attempted unsuccessfully to sabatoge my life and gave away all of his furniture in a further slap in my face to make the house look like shit. (luckily I just rearranged and in my home as well as my life made up for any loss.)

So...I think its EXTREMELY rude to not tell the person you are living with that your gonna have guests there. Its annoying when you cant get the trash past the front door but rather allow it to leakon the floor. It literally boils my blood when you turn off the A/C in humid and hot conditions just cause you like to walk around half naked, and finally....when you moved out I did ALL of the dishes, and I cleaned the towels on my own cause you werent going too. Now that your back you still expect me to do it?

So yes there was a fight. And yes I did yell. But what I have to say still now after that is what I already said that night....

1. Your a LAME-DUCK roommate. What you want and think means nothing you already lost your priveledges here when you moved out and back in with NO notice. With the plan to move out again in less than a month.
2. If you have a problem with that I'll return the check u wrote to cover your rent and you can just leave, since little of anything here is yours anyway.

And KARMA is a bitch. You of course are always upset about how bad life treats you...well I am happy with how it treats me....maybe you need to rethink how you interact in this world.

NOW on to my life...:-)

I am not flying out today, but next Monday now. CHeaper ticket for my company. After my salary, mileage, and bonuses I am at 37,000 a year not including my christmas bonus based on company performance. NOT BAD FOR 25. Specially when you consider I was just recently (less than a month ago) laid off from my other job!
I got my severance check from Gateway....I have paid over a thousand dollars in taxes in the past 2 weeks!!! What the f is up with those tax cuts Mr. Bush?

Ron and I have still not spent a night apart in the past 3 weeks. We are entertaining the idea of cutting expenses and shaking up together in the future when it is appropriate. He and I say and do the sweetest things all the time to each other. We kiss and hold hands in public and dont care what people think. Lyza and greg love him. Lyza said he is the only boy you've dated that I kiss goodbye. And greg said "You'd better do whatever that boy says cause he is great." So...things there are great.

We all celebrated Derby and Oaks day together here. Drinking and singing, and going out to different bars. I loved how saturday night people told me and ron to get off the dance floor...we had stopped dancing and found ourselves in lip

I am redocrating some in the living room. Decided to fill one wall up with crazy, different styled, and different colored framed pictures of friends and 40 or order to it but just a cute personalized collection of who is and was in my life.

So here it is....the State of Matt if you will. : Sound, Solid, and Rising.