June 18th, 2004

Matt Leffler


Alrighty...its been a little while so I am going to try to back track and bring ya'll up to date.

Not much has changed. My life is becoming the stable boring one that I have sought. Same job, same boyfriend, same best friends...same apartment for the past 5 years. And...this is what I want.:-)

Here is something odd. I put in my journal about 4 months ago I had a dream that my teeth fell out...and that was later told to me to mean someone you know is supopsed to die soon. There is this guy that I have been friends with for years, and about 2 years ago i found his little brother was my boss at this office job I had. Aaron and I had alot of laughs, when I hung out with his brother I hung out with him. He was str8...and it was a loss, I always saw him as a cute guy, with a sweet way about him. I found out recently that 2 months ago he died in a car wreck. Now...I know if you look for a correlation you'll prolly find it, but I know this....no one I know or have been close to has ever died. And I have never had that dream since, or before...what dreams may come.

So on another note...anyone know how long you have to keep your baby fish seperated from the others so they wont eat the kids? I have had these 6 baby guppies for 2 months...and they are still small, but they have grown...so I let one out and it was like watching my mother chasing after the low card rage. I saved him...but am disappointed the others are still so...pushy. I know I have had alot more babies than these 6 and I am getting alittle bored with them eating the kids. Its okay to lock your children in closets, not eat them. I may buy a smaller "baby" land tank.

So I have been increasingly assy at work. I just today decided to shut up and adjust to the new surroundings. Laura told me my area wasnt very large, I disagreed...she was like then I'll just ask Mark Stevens...I was like....try Rand McNally or Mapquest.com. But seriously I am reorganizing the way I do the paper work regarding my work of doing nothing. Now I'll be an efficent creator of nothing.

I have been a bit of an ass lately.
I lost Lyza at the bar last weekend...kept calling her and never found her. SO I left after looking about an hour. I HATE being there without my "wingman". So...she comes home....course I was drunk....and I slammed her for ditching me with my words....I can be a tad dramatic. "DEATH TO U" was the text messages i sent...lol. Then I woke her up the next mourning ... sowly lifted the covers off her face and said..."good mourning Judeas!" lol...oh well we are cool. She bought me a desk plate with my name on it as a "happy congrats on your soon to be new home office formally your roommates room."

We went out obviously to the 70s party....it was at Ron's work. Well...Ron kept walking off over there or somewhere, we never danced together...sure he introed me to all his coworkers but i told him a card board cut out would have been just as effective. So I storm on out cause i am tired of being ignored....then I realized...dahhh...its his friends...course he is going to be around them at their party. I shouldnt have really gone in the first place, cause I didnt know anyone else there but him and Lyza...but...anyhow...at least i am aware of myself being a prick.

Well...I am going to leave you all now. God speed
Matt Leffler


And to show you all the best new additions to the planned office...Inspired by Office Space, my stapler....kinda the same style, just silver.  And a name plate.

:-)  I got my company credit card today. :-)  I went out and bought 95 dollars worth of office supplies.  I have come to love sharpie markers...they are so....permenate?  :-)  Anyhow...just showing my Office Space inspired stapler.  God speed all.