June 23rd, 2004

Matt Leffler


So I am sitting here in Evansville at my hotel. After getting a company credit card you'd be surprised how easy it is for you to not to care how much a trip cost. For instance...on my dime...I drove str8 through in 36 hours and skipped sleep. But on there's...I am sitting here in my one hundred dollar a night room, with the med-rare filet in my belly and the company's credit card asking if I am thinking I am important or something.
So job wise....I HATE THIS JOB. Thee bosses are annoying as shit. I dont do anything challenging...blahhh....and this IS damgerous. If I have no challenge I become laxed...and thats trouble.
Anyhow...I love my husband...I argue and pick at him, but then I sit across from him while we eat and just gaze at him and think...ahh...perfect.
A side note....gay pride.

I dont go to those. I think if we are ever going to get people to NOT think of us as unusual we have to stop acting unusal. There is a BIG difference between being gay and being an attention hungry individual who proclaims they stand for gay rights. Anyhow....just my point is...I seek a world where gay is not something to be anymore proud of as being white and from Kentucky. It just happened...dont know why just know...that I am so so so much more.