August 4th, 2004

Matt Leffler

13.1 In Other News

I am going to go crazy for awhile with pictures.  I have Lyza's camera...and so I need to take use of it.

The world is changing, not as planned but moving forward at its own pace and direction.  My mother married dear sweet Ron two years ago, from day one I disliked him and it was known my opinion of him.  My official policy regarding the situation...I love my mother and support her choice in what she thinks will make her happy.  I don't like him, but I hope he likes her as much as I do.  Well, I dont know the full scope yet of everything but I do know that finally he has gotten all the kids to verbalize their dislike for him.  My sister, the traditional voice of reason, said he was arrogant and rude...that he shouldn't be allowed to talk about my mother's kids the way he does.  He is less than content apparently with the people my mother raised.  Well, she is now as of tonight officially seperated.  I don't feel sad, nor happy.

My is a picture of them for future visual referrence:

Cleo and Adolph.  Both World Leaders in their day....:-)

Ahh...and now a picture of the subject of much of my spare time...

This is the tank that Arty allowed me to take over.  I am obsessed with baby I created an environment full of baby hide away locations including...the cave that sits in the front right of it.  Big fish as you can see like to wander in there, but still it allows a safe place for the little ones.  The BIG gold fish is my least favorite and was actually a throw out from my neighbor.  Me being the damn democrat I am allowed this guy to move in rather than flushing.  I am too funny...I can't bring myself to kill one no matter my preferrence on who is in this tank.

And now for the babies....6 in total, now setup with their nursery

Talk about small?  It is only 1 gallon, but each fish is only about 1/5 a fish. 

Work...some reason the company cant trust the inventory number of each store for these lights that attach to gas grills for night time cooking....about 10 in each store.  Well...for the next few days I get to meander through 13 stores in 3 states and count to ten in each one...thats all I am supposed to  Someone out there in my opinion is wasting some money, but hey...I'll do it. a reward for buying a website for Ron, my host upgraded me from 20 mbs to 120mbs.  My I am creating an mp3 download page of my favorite music...check it out!

So anyhow...thats the latest and greatest.