August 17th, 2004

Matt Leffler


So here is a quick photo album of mine and Ron's trip to Red River Gourge.  We climb and walked and got thirsty and tired for 5 hours or so...then of course we saw the road to that lead to the top of the mountain, whoops.....I didnt know there was one:-)

Big pic sorry but I wanted you to really see it.  God's .....a trailor.  Is that a sign of the times?  "End Time" at that...even God has hit hard times.  Damn republicians.

I look like butt....but hey dont forget I just climbed up a mountain.

We started at the bottom of that valley....

The one lane tunnnel originally made for the use of a lumber train.  It was FREAKY

This ledge is NOT in compliance with OSAHA regulations!!!

I was tired...


So anyhow here in to Detroit tomorrow.  My work left me a message telling me they werent approving the expense I ran of 100 a month for a storage unit on my company card.......I was u mean the P.O. Box at UPS Store for 106 dollars every 6 months.......???   They were like....OH thats what that was.....and I was like.....yeap, see I dont have the original receipt BUT seeing as you do just look at and it says just that.  :-) 

I hate when they go off about something and very quickly learn that its really okay.  Everything is fine now but I am just pissy that they seem to look for wrong stuff so much they cant find it and use right stuff???   Blah.