September 5th, 2004

Matt Leffler


Anyone that wishes to express their view regarding a recent murder case I am currently dealing with is more than welcome to pass a verdict.  The will of the people shall be carried out tonight at midnight est.

Today the mother of 12 of my baby guppies was brutally struck down.  "She was in perfect health." reported long time friend Mr. Wobbles.  "Mama was gonna have babies." added one of her children. 

All of the guppies were huttled in the corner of the tank watching in horror and the defendant ate her lifeless pregnant body. 

That was until the subject was arrested and brought to this trial.

This fish attacked and began to eat her.  I noticed him eating the freshly killed body at 12:00 midnight.  This is the second time he has been found near, and eating on the body of one of my more prized fish.  Never has anyone seen the murder, but how often do you wait while watching someone walk around with blood on their hands.

Investigators currently are looking at him as the number one suspect in the disappearance of several babies. journal jury.  Do you find him....

1. INNOCENT: He is a gold fish and their is a lack of evidence.

2. GUILTY of Manslaughter: Reasonable facts show he is the murder, but should not be put to death.  Rather, release him into the Ohio River to save future fish.

3. GUILTY of MURDER: Flush him!

4. GUILTY of MURDER, and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: Put him in a bowl...on the floor in the office and lock the cats in their with him. 

I repsect life and oppose the death penalty and couldnt on my own flush him.  BUT...I am an extreme liberal and have now lost many guppies near his hands.  So, the will of the people will be done.