October 9th, 2004

Matt Leffler


LJ Post…remote local.

Greetings. I am sitting here at Hilton Suites, Lexington Green…(say it like a snob) and wishing I could have found a room at my beloved Hampton Inn. You see, I couldn’t find a room there so..I upscaled myself and am now hoping for a raise on my company card limit…I’ve maxed out the thousand I get to spend and I have about a week yet to go. The room is fine…walked in and wondered where my bed was..then realized I was in the living room. Ahh…suite means…sweet. But the fully stocked bar in my room is outrageous in price, a snickers bar is 2.50, and the jar of Hilton branded nuts…9.50! So I am awaiting a local friend of mine’s arrival and we are headed out to a bar where I can actually afford to eat in the 20 dollar credit limit I am left with until I get a raise for it tomorrow morning.
Saw cats last night…have to say the only thing that kept me from completely falling asleep was the struggle to see the package each cat hide under those spandex. I loved Phantom, Rent…but Cats…seemed to be more interesting if your into dance rather than drama.
I am officially in the running now for the position I had mentioned with the City of Louisville. If they don’t elect you to city office, next best thing is getting appointed to one.
Anyhow…I plan to get up early..(say 10ish?) and hit the 2 lexington stores, then Frankfort, KY and finally end with one in Louisville. That’s a 4 store roadshow…should be interesting if I can achieve this monumental feat.
Welp…I shall talk to you later oh Journal of mine. Laters