November 9th, 2004

Matt Leffler

15:13 Where am I?

You Are a Liberal for Life

You've got a bleeding heart - and you're proud of it.

For you, liberal means being compassionate, pro-government, and anti-business.

You believe in equality for every person, and you consider yourself universally empathetic.

Helping others is not just political for you ... it's very personal too.

So I called the Atlanta office of my work to ask them..."Where was I last week?"

Now...that might sound odd, but they are used to it from me. I know anytime someone says Matt Leffler called, they are all like...lets go to lunch and enjoy it before we learn more.

So...last week I was out and about SO much to SO many stores that I couldnt recall them past the last 7...which only accounted for half of thursday and friday. I was at every store in Louisville (6) I dropped in at 2315, 2303 both Lexington. I had a nice chat with Bryan in Frankfort. Course I was obviously in Bowling Green and least we forget: Marion, IL., Paducah KY., Owensboro KY.. Some stores I even hit twice...was somewhat annoying when Mark (my boss) left me a message saying that my reports he was looking at couldnt be real since I wasnt at each of my stores in the past 2 weeks. Bitch...I was at each of them, some more than once this WEEK. Annoyingly I drove 1036 miles.

Got my schedule for Chicago today....( I think I am going to sneak out of the "Whirly Ball Social" and be too tired to make it too "North Beach! - bring gym shoes" why go to Chicago to spend it doing crap?

Nothing really ground breaking to say here. So...goodnight.
Matt Leffler

15:14 Random Rants

FIrst off....regarding the election.  I have come to the realization that the elctorial college is BETTER than the popular vote.  Screw democracy, people who can't finish high school should have less a voice in government than those with college degrees.  Electorial votes divided out based solely on population is a mistake. 

Of the top 10 smartest states...they voted...KERRY 8 BUSH 2.  Of the 10 most stupid states they voted...KERRY 2 BUSH 8.  That says something.  Dumb states....shouldnt count.  I mean if they cant educate themselves...why should they lead?  The states that lead should be the most important.  Plus states would try to become smarter to gain in influence.  Politians would seek out informed voters....using fear and smear wouldnt really help you...using ideas and judgement would.


I was approached today by a Marine recruiter in the parking lot of Meijer.  "can I give you my card?"  "You can give me your card."  He laughed already seeing from that exchange I was not warm to the idea of being in the military. "Ever thought about the Marines?"  "Not really I'm gay." he looks oh so so surprised...smiling..."see if you didnt tell me that it wouldnt matter." ..."see if I misrepresent myself, what does that say of my honor, courage and commitment."  that effectively ended our discussion...was kinda funny as the partner recruiter just stood back face....solid and emotionless. 

Moving on...

Financially ditching my debit card has been.....VERY postive.  I drive past stores now that I used to HAVE to HAVE. adding the extra step of planning to have cash on me, it isnt so important.  I'm less than a week away from payday..over a week from the last one.  Last time I was in between checks I had -537 from my current balance.  DEBIT CARDS ARE THE DEVIL!  Fight the impulse buys and you'll win.:-)


I analyze human actions constantly.  Everytime someone does something I base my predection of their future interactions on that.  For instance...I used to date this guy.  He didnt have a car was over at his friends house who didnt have a car, neither had jobs...this was all demographical indicators, by his actions where more of an indicator to me who he was.  He invited me over and asked me to buy him some I did..but also bought a rose...when I came in he went for the cigs, I gave him the rose..he sat it down..thanked me and looked for his ash tray.  I was like...hmmm....token of my affection off to the side.  What did he really want....screw that.  Sounds extreme but if your inviting me over to see me I would assume the rose would have gotten more attention.  So..word to the wise out there...the little things are the biggest things to me.


I have noticed something about my temper.  Usually when I am REALLY pissed usually isn't because of the orignial problem, it is how they handle the fact that I have a problem.  I got so pissed off couple days ago over something really small....but it is the little things to me, and rather than simply say."I'm sorry" I got brushed off....I take it personal and think if you cant say your sorry then what happens when it isnt a little problem?


I can say alot and never really say much cant I?  :-)  Oh the halloween pics....OR HALLOWENIE as Chris declares.  :-)

This is our Sunday night crew....Lyza hasnt coughed up Saturday nights pics yet.  The BSA uniforms were okay...but next year I think I am going to shot for something more provactive.


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