December 7th, 2004

Matt Leffler

15:28 REcap

So this point I've been through it all.  Food poisioning had rocked the company party, found 2 other gay employees, learned the subway/L system like the back of my hand and hit the bars every night there except one night when I simply could do nothing but sleep. 

We went and did the tourist stuff Saturday and Sunday.  This is Navy pier.  LIke the jacket?  I am joining the soviet union after watching several videos about their boy's activities. 

They had all these stupid statues here and there.
I thought I could save this one...alas he was too far gone.
On the long way home...

Anyhow...the highlights:
1. Dont attempt to pick me up at the bar and proceed to give me your number saying "No, your going to call me."  I was like....????  I am going to call you?  Whatever....
2. I am very glad I skipped the chicken for lunch.  Apparently it was Al la food poision.  We knew there was a problem when 13 people were sick that night and people one after the other kept throwing up.  By the next morning 25 people were sick...some in the hospital.  The hotel got a doctor who perscribed gatoraid for us all....then the hospital called for the health dept. who marched in and ran tests and declared it could be viral.  Luckily it ended with suspicion back on the chicken.
3. Dont go out everynight starting Wednesday and operate on 2 hours of sleep a day....cause by Saturday you wont  make it out.
4. My work is Bipolar.
I got a 3.3% raise and a 1000 bonus.  Also probabtion and the lowest review of all employees.  Nominated for rockie of the year.

Finally we finally got it up tonight. 
  Some work to do, but in the right lighting it looks great.

So we are wondering if we need to move to Chicago????

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