December 21st, 2004

Matt Leffler

16.3 I am crazy

Alright so I am on ebay and found degree for 10 dollars that people are really buying. So I want to create a "real" school thats not worth going to other than people across the ocean buy the degree. Legally it appears the most I need is a license from the state of kentucky.

SO...I am going to start an online college that is as shady as a tree and become rich cause I dont want to work anywhere. I mean...Decker, Spencerian...they both are for profit schools in Lou that are "online"

Shane has a master's in education administration. He used to be a dean at Spencerian. Already called him and told him he is the president. LOL. Working on the rest still...

so anyhow... will be our temp site. :-) Check in a few days and enroll in one of our degree granting programs today! Ha!