January 18th, 2005

Matt Leffler

17.3 Seller Beware!

Tomorrow on Lifetime...

Based on the real life struggle of Matthew Leffler, "Seller Beware"
is the heart-wrenching story of a happy, optimistic,  ebayer whose
life is torn apart by online auctions.


Any how a
late update that still is ongoing.

So yes I sold the plasma for 1700. 
The buyer paid and we discussed shipping through email.  Then
Paypal FROZE my account and needed shipping confirmation.  How can
I ship it without use of the shipping money?  So I had to find a
box, looked all around...best buy said I should give up on stores cause
they throw the boxes away.

UPS Store said they needed 3 days to get
one big enough and $75.

So I went to Home Depot and built this for $60

And then got my dad to pay the 130 shipping fee on Friday.  I
submitted the tracking number and faxed the buyer the receipt.  He
says on the phone that the insurance needs to be 700 more than the
purchase amount which isnt allowed by UPS.  And I start to worry
that this is a scam.

Nothing happens all through the weekend and my calls are not
returned.  Paypal confirmed tracking but needed the buyer to call
and say he felt it was in route.  He did call on Sunday afternoon
to file a dispute that it hadn't been shipped!!  At that point the
tracking showed it was sitting in Indianapolis.  I was crazy. 
They took the money out of my already frozen account and the tv was not
in my hands.

So the buyer basically after the fact was able to work it out so that
he knew the TV was on the way and that my money wouldn't be released
until he felt like canceling the action.  Plus his address was
unconfirmed which voided my Seller Protection Plan.  So I email
every place I can to stop the shipment.

Right now I think, not confirmed it is on the way back.  The
buyer has paypal email me several times and say how much he is really
hoping I will continue to send it.  Course he is!  Right now I
have nothing, and I am not going to ship him the TV and wait till he
feels it looks good against his wall before I get paid.

And I thought it was Buyer Beware????  I did everything by the
book, and he is making strange requests, and filing disputes after the
fact.  I am the only one right now that is in any risk.  Screw
it, relisted the TV and I will find another guy.  Then, I plan to
hand deliver it if he is east of Texas.



Other news is very short.  Went out had a great Saturday night. 
Friends from Nashville came up.  Wasn't able to do much with them since all
my money is now on hold.  Fired up.

Matt Leffler

17.4 Sellar Beware 2

So at 7:51am I called UPS and was told it had not yet reached Rochester.
then 10:30 am it shows DELIVERED. Never scaned into Rochester??? What the heck?

So at this moment apparently HE has the TV. And I called Paypal and they moved the complaint into REVIEW which means they didn't move the money to me...just they are going to look at everything.

I know I know sounds like everything went well after all. BUT NOTHING HAS WORKED FOR THIS YET IN MY FAVOR.

http://ups.com 1Z2AT5470347332877

here we go again...
Matt Leffler

17.5 Blaaahhhh

So the item was delivered and signed for ... ugghh.  buyer was supposed to refuse shipping, ups was supposed to be delayed and knew i was trying to recover it.  paypal is in, of course "review" as always.  And I am with nothing. 

I imagine heaven to be some what like this....