February 5th, 2005

Matt Leffler

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Intersting scenario....I'll present the pics and facts....and you tell me....

Drew, Arty, Me, Nathan, Greg

I will admitt, Bloomington has the cute factor locked.  But as Drew wasnt admitted to Connection because the guy at the door said "He couldn't walk."  We had to leave him behind.  So then Nathan ( equally attractive) was getting too drunk he had to return him to the apartment too.

So we went back out, it sucked...and went to White Castles.  We got home in time to find...

Picture on wall on the way to bathroom....

Pillar next to bathroom.

And that is my shower curtain....

You see a path to the bathroom was blazin in disrepair.  At the beginning of the trail was drew, whom apparently for what ever reason hbad hispants on backwards.  Which unless Kriss Kross had stopped by meant he had dropped them.  Which he did once we pointed out to him they were on backwards.  See....he then took them completely off....which I will admitt was very nice to look at, but granting the situation didnt really help.

Instead we found these (which he was missing)

Yeap those apparently were drews underwear...we found them with Nathan who was in the bathroom.  Which as you may recall was on the path of destruction. 


To say the least.  Two very hot boys had some fun without the boyfriend or the host....lol.  I did yell at drew but only after he knocked everything off a table in my living room trying to explain what he couldn't say anything more about. 

So...Arty, you shouldn't bring Bloomington boys who are not preapproved anymore.  Your fun and cool....cute.  Your friends are hot as well, but a few sandwiches short of a picnic.  I think I need to stay home next time cause if I had I could have been in a fun time and then everyone would have gotten mad and left.  Instead of just everyone getting mad and leaving.

Moral of the story.  IU boys are cute.  Don't date them....your going to find more success dating a UofL boy... or a homeless drifter off I-65 on the way down.  You bring an IU boy to Louisville....they seem to get just a bit easy.  Drew, Nathan and Arty are welcome to visit again....but seperate and next time I want to be the one knocking everything down as I run to the bathroom when the door opens.

Welp....off to bed, alone...and wondering what the conversation in the car to bloomington is like.  Sad...everyone was H O T but also E A S Y.