February 24th, 2005

Matt Leffler

Sonata in G

Weekly Sales

$229.93 $397.89 $559.81 $713.78

this is the past 4 weeks ending sales.  with 349.00 sold this week we show a strong chance of continuing the "this is our bext week ever"  Unfortunately, Sales growth has been declining.

76.9% 73.0% 40.7% 27.5%

but...keep in mind 76% growth of 200 is not as much as 27% of $559.  Keith is now fulltime too.  lol.  We plan to turn the spare unto an office.  We started the SGA at Sonata, and other aspects in an effort to generate repeat sales.  "Student Main" our internal student site is now password protected and operational.  Basically inside I guess I am gonna tell people how I think they need to act.  Little things like trying to speak like a person...some of them need help.  Todays total sales exceeded our weeks sales from 4 weeks ago.  Also our unpaid items has declined steadily to only 4%.

We are going to begin looking into more sales channels.  Keith is incharge of people after they pay, I am the guy they talk to until then.  Check out the new Seminary!  http://www.ichurchonline.com  :-)  lol.  and Student Affairs has gotten a new website up.  Welp, I am off to bed...lol.  Another long day at the office as Thursday is the only day that traditionally exceeds Wednesday is sales.