March 30th, 2005

Matt Leffler


So...last week paypal froze the account because due to a refund I dipped 3 dollars into the negative. I can't do any business until this is we are waiting and waiting for the bank account withdraw to hurry the F up. THEN I had an idea once I realized that 900 dollars in sales were being rejected ...

Make another account. SOOOO....while the first account continues to labor in near death. The new account went on at Sunday evening. Since then 450 dollars was deposited into the new account. SO roughly in 3 days 450 dollars, that means Sonata U is generating just over a thousand a week. BUT...Thursday is the biggest day of the week. So we have to see how that day unfolds. Which ALL of it was quickly moved out of the account. I want them to process payments...and that is it. SCREW the buyer protection. I think ebay's feedback should be the protection aspect. I mean...97.4% postive feedback should tell a story with 73 as my rating from doing business for 3 months on here. Course 90 users havent given any feedback but then if they didnt complain they must not have been upset. 62 of those users are still waiting for their orders. I can't do it all alone any more which is why Derrick is going to be joining me in the educational trench lines and hopefully over the next 72 hours we can ship out 50 of those orders. 101 is the total number of orders as of this moment for march. With the increase of the feedback score we sell more and more. Unfortunately I can't do more and more. So I put a note up announcing the end of the current pricing and I plan to tack on a 50% increase in sales. That should lower orders but hold revenue with manageable growth by the feedback increases. Of course since that note went up sales increased 4 times. Average Sunday I sale 1 degree. It is traditionally the slowest day of the week. I got 4 orders on Easter.

HOW DARE PAYPAL. lol....little shits. I lost probably about a thousand dollars in sales while I have been twirling my thumbs in a circle over them.

Of the thousand made of course that is gross. Net is dwindling as I am spending too much on this and that and that and this charges. I have alot of lose ends that I dont have time to fix and SU bleeds cash out those wounds.

I know this much. I smoke more now than I ever have, my house is more a wreck with papers everywhere and printers across the floor. I think once Derrick and I get a big push into the degrees I may click the "vacation" button on ebay which allows sales but tells everyone not to expect any word from me for about a week. I have hundreds of unread emails and 10 open help tickets all waiting for responses. SONATA UNIVERSITY...what a weird devolping dragon. I need to take the time to clean out the spare bedroom and spend the money needed to make it an official office.