May 29th, 2005

Matt Leffler

19.2 And the rest of the story...

So anyhow alot has been happening....

Thunder has past.  Had a great old friend Robert up from Florida and David hung out with us.  Derby past and as it did Ron and Selena have both moved in with me.  This cuts expenses by 2/3 and also increases the interesting days and nights brought on by a greater size crowd.

Saturday David, Ron and I went to Churchill Downs for some racing.  I did well enough in the beginning to basically cover all my expenses except $15 dollars.  David has been around ALOT more...and it has been really great.  For so long Lyza and Ron heard so many stories about years of friendship with these people and recently those who moved away moved back.  :-)  Sean has been around and John Bowman as well as of course....two time former roomie Robert.  It has been NICE.  Ron has been adjusting to the influx of new and old people.

Brandon the ex from long ago ( we dated for 3 years) is up visiting now.  He already knows my roomies so that is cool.  Just been enjoying myself I guess.