June 25th, 2005

Matt Leffler

artistic representation


Artistic representation ... today lumes closer.  It started with an unexpected but related crisis to the onslaught.  I joked about the final scenes of titanic.  After conscripting forces to rally I checked with #2 and inquired if a desertion was planned.  I need to be prepared. We appear to be in this together and I am exhausting creativity.  Unfortunately my mind wandered and I also concluded my exit strategy and marked the path for exodus. 

Matt Leffler

I hope you feel better about yourself...

Commentary on Stupid Ways to Get Attention:

When your dropping names and places in an attempt to reprimand a person for not hanging out with you, you must ask yourself are they as dumb as I think?  In my case I am insulted that you didn't know.

You'll get one of two reactions from me.  If I care I'll try not to let it happen again.  But if I don't care and see this as a poor attempt to gain attention you'll be disappointed.. 

Further if you owe them money and have stuff at their house I strongly discourage picking a fight.  You can claim that you mean nothing by it but lets be honest here...I am 26, you are 26 and while the newbies may love these tactics ... we've already learned that they usually only yield lonely, bitter single players.  They gather together because either half the town doesn't like them or the other half doesn't know them.  AND...A SUGGESTION TO EVERY PERSON...repeating almost what someone says on the phone in a twisted cheeky (adj.. Impertinently bold; impudent and saucy.)  manner, only shows that you have an audience your trying to impress at my expense.  This can be further viewed in action in elementary schools across America.  Try losing weight instead.  (low blow I know, but I can give'm better than you) 

Suggestion to mutual friends:     be aware.    If I am not around and they are trying to point out to me that your with them your just being used.  Why else would they uninvited knowing I had already declined hanging out....come over to tell me your with them?  Try hanging out with them without me being notified.  What I am now going to refer to as "russelling" - verb, to stir up, to instigate, to cause: trouble.  As in: Bob is russelling with Joe so he can get Matt's attention.    

If it isn't important and your not trying to make a game of it then respect the fact that I didn't ask you to come over when we talked last.  You asked about my plans tonight and if you recall they included other people.  Ignoring that factor is immature and displays a low self-worth on your part.  Tonight I reacted with the second aspect.  You do not need to tell me who you are with, where you meet them and then invite me over.  If I wanted to see you, I'd already be there.  Jealousy was your goal, distaste was your reward.

Now I think I have a date with a friend.