July 2nd, 2005

Matt Leffler

And it begins....

The building owner is interested in talking. Course I have to provide the $1000 I have before that meeting...( which is every dollar available to Matt Inc. ) but if I can stay ... I guess raman noodles arent too bad. She is interested in discussing the creation of a site for her building on the internet. Not for free...but it will work toward my debt with her so that is a plus. Unfortunately I lost the project bids that I tried to win on Elance.com.

ALSO...matt@kymatt19.com is no longer my email address. I downloaded 300 emails last night and I have a billion and one spam rules going.....so I closed the account. My NEW address is matthew@kymatt19.com

So...anyhow...it seems with some deep sacrifices I'll retain 206. And the life I have built here for 5 or 6 years.
Matt Leffler


Welp...I thought I had avoided it, just today got the email stateing that we might be able to make a means...
It was sent on Wednesday, and that was also a deadline that was set in the email. I figured all was good. BUT....this email is not positive and is the big bad thing I had been so down about. I've edited it here for you. To think that receiving an email a couple days delayed could be so so so end all of everything.

"Dear Matthew,

I am in receipt of your e-mail response dated Saturday, July 2, 2005. Regrettably this response comes several days past the deadline for my agreeing to stop the legal action for eviction. Further as I explained in my e-mail, I was willing to see explore the possibility of utilizing your professional website development skills on a project, but I am not interested in having you work on a Carlysle website ( she had another in mind )...but I think that it would be best that you focus on the issue at hand and that any discussions of website assistance cease.

Since the deadline was not met, eviction proceedings were not stopped and therefore you will be receiving notice of a court date in the near future. It would be in your best interest and greatly appreciated if you were to go ahead and vacate the premises. ......prosecution through the County Attorney’s Office and civil action for a judgment requesting a lien on your future earnings.

My attorney on this issue is Mr. Lee Garlove of Morris, Garlove, Waterman & Johnson. He can be reached at 589-3200 and is copied on this e-mail. All future correspondence, if any, should be through him.

Best regards,

Jan Helson "

Rome has fallen. Enter the dark ages...