August 7th, 2005

Matt Leffler


Everybody wants some type of success in life
Like every woman wants to one day be a wife
Your success is measured, but to a degree
Cuz all the money in the world don't add up to you and me

[1] - I'd rather be pickin' up bottles and cans
If you can't be my man
I'd rather be homeless in the streets
With no food to eat

I'd rather be facing twenty to life
If I can't be your wife
Now I know that it seems like I'm crazy for you
That's what love can do

Look at what you started, there's no way this can end
Because I've fallin in love, but how deep did I fall in
If anything should ever stand in our way
I wouldn't wait 'till tomorrow, but I'd throw it away today
Matt Leffler


So I just got up....and I couldnt remember how I got to bed....then started retracing things and recalled that last night I had a bottle and a half of wine that lead me to do shots with people at the bar...that lead me home with some boy...that lead me to throw up....and forget where that boy So...less wine next time.