September 13th, 2005

Matt Leffler


WOW....what a world.

FEMA Director Brown, formerly the arabian horse show top guy....has resigned. Good.

John Roberts begins his hearing for a position of leadership in a group he has never served in....Poor.

New Orleans is 50% dry, and the rich well off as always with the poor cheering for help....Improving.

Bush is as popular now as LBJ was....38%......................................... Told ya so.

QAWeb features a new design but implementing it across so many domains and subdomains is increasing difficult. seems the most important gateway.................In Progress

Love life seems perfect as long as I am fine with people who fail to meet expectations....Suspended

Work is so disorganized they apologized to me for their lack of leadership when I thought I should have been fired..........................................................................Lucky.

Social Life is purposefully limited as I am seeing less and less reason to mingle........pointless.

Happiness is not escaping me, just happy to be passive about the stuff above............Happy
Matt Leffler

mindful of what you say...

So I was reading that being dooced is being fired for what you write on your personal blog. :-) Lets revisit then what I can find that I have said by doing what that article suggested employers the e3mployee.

In Bowling Green, Kentucky, a Hell House is being staged in a shopping
>mall by Victory Hill Ministries, but students from Western Kentucky
>University's Lambda Society have been picketing in protest. Lambda
>President Matthew Leffler told the Evansville, Indiana "Courier" that,
>"A lot of impressionalbe people are going to this thinking it's a
>haunted house for fun. Instead, they are going to get a political
>statement from very warp-minded fundamentalists."
"It is important for anyone who reads these pages to realize that we who have created them have done so only in best interests! This website will continue to grow and better serve the needs of Lambda and hopefully those who have questions! All are invited to our meetings at their convenience and should always know that we are a compassionate group, friendly, and all inclusive! Our visitors are welcome, and we truly hope to see each visitor of this site become a part of our wonderful friends network. They can join the mail list, come to meetings, email Lambda or individual officers. We need each other. Together we can accomplish so much on this campus, and across the state. Join us, we're going to continue to grow and are on the road to being something wonderful and big."

- Matthew Leffler, President May 1998 - April 1999
Matthew Leffler, president of the Lambda Society at Western Kentucky University, told the commission that his organization began pushing for an antidiscrimination ordinance in Bowling Green after Louisville and Lexington adopted similar measures earlier this year. He also noted that other governments, including the city of Henderson and Jefferson County, are expected to pass so-called fairness ordinances next week. The Lambda Society, a gay student group, recently sent Bowling Green commissioners packets of information about laws in other cities. Leffler said he has not received much feedback from the officials.
January 2002

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Matthew Leffler

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Lambda Society President Matthew Leffler, who helped organize the protest, said that while he believes church members have a right to minister, they are sending the wrong message.

"Obviously we want to send a direct message to Victory Hill," he said. "That direct message is that the Bowling Green community does not want this in Bowling Green.

"Maybe next year they'll stop and think: 'Do we want to do this again?'"
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Welp....I guess I know I have a name for myself.......a gay, fake college, temporary protester. ( rolling eyes ) ... great. :-)