October 1st, 2005

Matt Leffler

(no subject)

As I was surveying the possibility laying next to me this morning the song Beautiful Morning should have been played on every radio channel to signal my intentions and hopes....

I feel no despair, no regrets or sorrows
‘Cause this new day makes me dance on air

What a beautiful morning in my life
The best in life is free
I’ll give it all away
And I wonder what more is to come

And this beautiful morning
Changed my mind
Believe me when I say
The shadows weighed it out, oh, yeah

As the day grows bright, we are turning pages
And we’ll write new chapters of our lives
Some are strong and long, others weak with sorrow
Keep the focus on the rising sun

...Unabondoning believe in the value of the mission to find something in the eyes that look back to me, is a quality too often I think neglected by those of us who have at one time or another found less than what we expected. Releasing and freely accepting the forceful wave of hope is the best measure of self preservation.


A picture perfect, play by play evening of enchanted steps with another person whom I have only breifly known and thirst for more experiences.

________________________________This is what I am talking about______________________

Try a crisp clean fall night...with a quiet dinner for two, a dash through unchartered territory at Connections for him; with cocktails in our hands and hellos exchanged among friends, slowed down to the scene of a million stars in a cloudless night high atop a hill over looking the city, chill entrenches as the breeze sways the tower you have climb only to be stopped by ....embrace...lips press, hands reach meeting a match and not wanting to move from this passion for an hour...the express return to home and the morning opening to the breakfest before work, together. Still respecting the freshness of this endeavor together.