October 3rd, 2005

Matt Leffler

Hero would be you

:-) Do a jolly dance ...

So I as I laid there next to him on our I suppose 3rd event...he said..."I think this has potential. Do you think so?" I looked at this overachiever and said..."I'm like gasoline right now and your holding matches; asking if there is potential. :-)" Explosive.

Ran off to work then at midnight...some stuff was wrong with my schedule so I got into Work Force Management's office and as the guy was fixing my schedule I mentioned I didnt want to be there...he said that in light of the fact I have worked 14 days straight and I am scheduled to be at work tomorrow ... I could go home.:-) I did. I'll be back in 9 hours. lol.

I bought a couple new domains. http://www.ferocity.us and http://www.eferocity.com not sure exactly what will be there but.... ferocity is a word I am really enjoying.