October 11th, 2005

Matt Leffler

Did I mention ....

What a Beautiful Morning. :-)

Cause this new day makes me dance on air. WHAT A GOLDEN DAY.

So update: Brent is a synonym in my vocabulary for bliss with a focus on the rising sun.

Last night I drove home not expecting him there for the first time in four days. Pulling into my driveway the past few days he has been there. Which was why I left work Sunday an hour and a half early.

I would attempt to express the JOY but anything I say will fail to afford the justice. We recently agreed to be exclusive. .... On his bringing up of that note, telling me no pressure and I can do as I want, which was obviously something I couldnt do anything but agree too since the feelings have been mutual. It is wonderful to know that even while we live apart with an hour and a half difference we have been together on 7 calender days out of 14. On the days we arent in the same city our phones ring with expressions of desire waiting on the other end.

This is a new chapter of my life that I am writing with so much satisfaction.

Derrick turns 21 soon. Brent has never been to Chicago (well once when he was too young to see Chicago as I love it) So we are destine to be there in December.

It is my goal to get a picture of us too on here this weekend when he is here on Fall Break.

At work my mindset is apparent. I've been asked now four times....how old I am...lol. Cause while I dance through the halls and bounce between friends there I see only a chance to be young, playful and mischievious.

To you: Never allow shadows in your life to inhibit your dream of happiness always seek the best for you and I am sure you will find the world you seek given the time to appreciate it. What a beautiful morning!