October 25th, 2005

Matt Leffler

Who are you living your life for??

So this was a question raised to my better half as he closed the door to a past relationship which had pleased the "biblically" minded influencers in his live. Who are YOU living your life for? Now...lets also note that he didn't say he was gay, just that he didn't want to continue dating the same girl he had for several years. Isn't it interesting how God gets pulled into almost anything and His will is noted or cited by those upset with the statusquo. History shows us often that those who protest with a loud cry that God wants this or God wants that.......tend to be wrong.

When did others feel they were doing God's work?

When they killed Jesus....The Crusades....The Inquistition....The Salem Witch Trials....The South regarding salvary....The 60's regarding seperate but equal....The mother that pushed her car into a lake with her kids in it a couple years ago.....They all used God as their backers.

Scarey if you ask me. No wonder the bulk of America is moving away from these dividers.

I went to the garage today...but it didn't make a car. What does it take to be a christian again?

Anyways with the religious right aside....Life is good. :-)