December 8th, 2005

Matt Leffler

21: 01 I didn't change direction, just the vehicle.

So Charter Communications...:-)

I hated it. If I hadnt been told to go to work in the morning by Brent I'd have left alot longer ago.

SIMPLY: I wanted a job working with computers and using my craft. I was measured on call time, how long I was on break, whether I offered to sale their very limited products and my ability to appear to be a great employee on paper. I lost interest.

Wake up corporate America! Your employee is perfect on paper all day but doesn't have a clue what he is doing, where I get more done in an hour. Stupid. Especially Charter Communications where they're goals for techs are:

Ask qustions to figure out who else could be to blame. Then forward to someone outside of Charter after offering products to a customer still with issues all in less than ten minutes???? !! ???

No wonder they are 19.5 Billion in debt and worth a buck and a quarter a share?????


Enter new job! I am now Jr. Network Administrator at Cardinal Alumnium. This position puts me as the number two man for all computer issues in four plants stretching from LA to Louisville. I'll get to travel now and then and I really like being in a team of two rather than a bunch of idiots. :-) No offense but 98% of charter wouldn't be allowed on my computer. :-)

Brent is in route for the weekend. So I am going to bounce.