February 10th, 2006

Matt Leffler

(no subject)

So Louisville is getting a new building. This is pretty cool. 61 Floors adds a lofty new height to the city. Also of course this is on the heals of the new 400 million dollar arena being built on the riverfront.
So I and Brent had our discussion. He made the point that he doesn't want to lie because it makes him feel like it will push him back in the closet. That he is making great steps towards ultimately telling people who he is....which I admire of course but also wouldn't ask someone to do for me. I know he isn't cheating and all...I just know that as he is a year from graduating we have some distance to bridge before the ultimate merging of our lives. But...I'm glad we had our talk. He proposed he'll start coming out rather than start claiming to be straight and dating a girl.
As for me? I am sitting here tinkering as always on my projects of boredom.