March 5th, 2006

Matt Leffler

surprise....It's Death


Dear Jesus,

Hey, it's Matthew again....I just got home from the bar and I was going to leave a message regarding gay social structure but I found an away message that changed my message.....
" seahatcher: Hey Matthew... just wanted to let ya know. (this is bj if you don't have me anymore)... Kendall Minor was killed in a car wreck last night. "
this brings me to a thought about God....

God...Jesus...or whatever you call it is no longer calling the shots. He or She created a science fair project...set it all in motion and whatever happens ....happens. No matter who prays. I mean....God is all knowing....and why would he change the will of what happens simply because Matt Leffler prays????
Like a top spun and set into motion.......we are on our own. Disagree???? Then attempt to explain why Kendall or Mike Nevin's brother are dead. Both younger than me. Attempt to explain so so much of what we see today. You think god is working ... I say god is watching.