March 23rd, 2006

Matt Leffler

Feast or Famine.

So after my unemployment stretch that has run since December today....the feast began. ??? This is my life.

**2:45pm I acceptable the Bank of America technical support job and agreed to start Monday the 27th. My schedule after 6 weeks of training isn't bad....11:30am to 7:30pm with Fridays and Sundays off.

**2:50pm the resturant called and I have to figure out if it is possible to work there now...??

**2:58pm I had applied for a job as the field technical support rep for a retail chain. They have emailed me asking for an interview...the job is 75% travel and includes an expense account....:-) But the interview is the 29th or 30th which will require me to schedule around the new job.

So....the winds of change always blow with furry. As for brent...he wants to figure out his life free of influences but seems to be questioning his decision about us. I suggested we go 24 hours without calling each other ( way unusual for us) and that we have our first weekend completely apart...first in 6 months... I want Brent. There is no question for me...but I also don't want to have to wonder if there is questions from him. I'd rather date someone who is sure they want me....then date the person I want who isn't sure what he wants. Make sense?

End result on all fronts...I think it is time make some ground here.
Matt Leffler

see entry before.....

OH....and just off the phone with my mother who has a friend with the Kentucky state government who found a job for me as a tech support person for the state 33,000 a year. Applying there too now.