April 18th, 2006

Matt Leffler

Sign of the times

"you can rearrange the deck chairs but this is still the titanic." - Susan Turnball, DNC Vice Chair (referring to republicians)

Love it.

So this weekend was good. Derrick and I hit the casino boat and at one point I was at double my money and Derrick was at triple....then we were broke. But I learned Blackjack...lol.

Saturday grabbed Derrick and ran to David's after David and I walked his aunt's dog at the park. Enjoyed that outing. We three descended upon the bar and had a good night in my mind.

I received my instructions for taking my new job on Monday. Brent came up and stayed Monday night and I enjoyed his visit of course. Finally bought him that mp3 player figuring his time in Chile would be better spent if he had the ability to listen to his music where ever he wanted.

I took off this morning and am now waiting to descend upon work this afternoon at Bank of America's tech support armed with the knowledge that this is most likely my last week.