May 18th, 2006

Matt Leffler

Dance Damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I am sitting here rocking to the beat of my yahoo music player with my head phones on swimming through the emotions of satisfaction within oneself. Climbing with the rhythm swaying to the melody and tapping my feet to the beat. Just a desk away there is someone who is working. So am I....just right now I am dancing! Dance even in the middle of work brings things back into control. :-)

I feel generally pretty pleasant. :-) Went out last night and had drinks at after work I am meeting up with the Connection people to look over that horrific website. I have talked to Brent on the phone. And more importantly to me...after we ended our call he tried to call me back. Then the next day he called ( I was napping...cause I dance at work) but again...he called! And that in itself makes me want to dance. That while I sit here and work towards a life that I want him to be within...he feels so compelled to call from Chile on a cell phone to hear me. Our one conversation was so stupid from my sounded so cliche but it was so honest. I told him I had so much I wanted to say and all I can say is that I miss him. I mean sure I want to tell him about my Saturday night for example...but who cares! Why discuss that when I miss him more than I had fun. I am not destroyed. I am having fun and living...but also expecting, planning and preparing for his return in August and then...if life works out...him moving to Louisville with me in December. Who knows what dreams may come!