May 31st, 2006

Matt Leffler

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So I really shouldnt have said the scandalous remark....cause now I am scandalous in a totally unplanned way.  Friend posting....I need to discuss where I slept last night.
Matt Leffler

They took a horrible photo

So last night I got extremely drunk and acted like a fool and got pulled over by the police.  I failed the sobriety test miserably, and before you could say "Jail House Rock" I was getting booked at Metro Corrections.  My first stay in the wonderful Hotel Metro C.  My views on the place....they need a better continental breakfest!  Bologne and "Orange Drink" that contains 1% juice and 0% of Vitamins A,D,and C....wasnt cutting it for me.  I ended up giving mine away...cookie and all.  First thing I said as i was sitting in the processing area...I looked over to this other drunk guy and I said..."Well THIS is going to effect my Senate campaign in 2008" we both laughed.  I laughed a lot actually last night.  And....hey who else can go to jail and find 4 hot guys...also alittle drunk of which says to me...."So now that I am in jail I guess I am gay for the next few hours...."  I was it is like I saw on that video by Bid Dick Factory films.  The place does need a splash of color and it wouldnt hurt to wipe down every surface in that place.  The only real uncomfortable time was brief when I was added to the Dorms....and it was a confined place.....but at least I had two very attractive guys who wannted to share their life stories.
So I was released on my own at 11.  Had my dad get me and we headed off to the impound lot.  The police took 2 copies of my license in an attempt I think to make my life alittle more difficult it would have really prevented me from obtaining my car today....if they hadn't missed my 3rd duplicate license.  Thank god.  So anyhow....i have an attorney now.  I declined the breathilizer test...figured why hand them any more evidence??  We shall see how that goes.  

OH and btw last night out was a good night.  It was on its way to being extra fun....but then.....this extension of roles I've been in life has now also expanded to inmate.  I am saving my bracelet.