July 1st, 2006

Matt Leffler

33:04 A line in a song that I liked....

Hard to see the light now? Just don't let it go.  Things will come out right now....we can make it so.  Someone is on YOUR side...no one is alone. 

So tonight outside there isnt a ten second block of time that doesn't include the sound of a firework exploxeding...welcome to the 4th of July weekend.

The movie was great last night.  I strongly recommend it.  PLus a preview movie breaking Aug 11 is about a guy who creates a fake college and how crazy it got.  I should have been a consultant.  Cant wait to see it.

So I am meeting a guy tonight at 2 at the GMO in Connection.  We have similiar musical love of Wicked.  But he breaks one of my new rules of engagement......   1.  You must be at least 24.  Lets discuss these rules....I want to share my experience.....I found that....

If you want a relationship you should only get involved with guys who are at least 24 (for safety of not risking yourself on a person who doesn't know that they want you a year later) , who have had other boyfriends, who don't live with their ex, who haven't slept with anymore than 1 of your friends previously, who have a job, who have a car, who have less boyfriends than the number of years they've been out, boys who don't want to sleep with you on the first date, boys who you don't catch in a lie and they continue to clam that it is true, boys who can have fun out at the bar, but  a boy who can also have fun with just you alone.  Someone who you can tell your dreams and nightmares too, someone who wants to tell you their's.  Someone who isn't over a 2 hour drive away, someone who has a goal for their life...they know what they want this time next year, they sing when in the car with you, they smile more their they are mad, they know that things will be hard at times, but they are committed to working past it.  Someone who makes me want to be a better person.  Someone who wants to dance with you, someone who you can shower with, someone you have comfort with.......thats all I want.  :-)

And an old flame that never made it to the exbf category has resurfaced.  He is older now, just as cute, hopefully more together...and seems to be interested.  He hates the bar...and wanted me to just hang out with him tonight....that is a turn on, but I already planned the night out....so rain checking that one.  Time can change people...so lets see if we changed for the better.  Am I really moving on already???  Course not...I am still identifing with songs like....  Always You, by Jennifer Page.  But...you'll never get past someone if you don't try.

OH....and I look damn good tonight.  Tan, nice outfit, perfect hair cut, and feeling like I look 22  I really need to take pictures...so I can compare the old with the new.:-)  I've been dancing in the mirror preparing for the festival.