July 7th, 2006

Matt Leffler

33:07 Free time

So anyhow...I am sitting here at work, been talking to Derrick.  We are 5 hours into the 12 hour shift and I am just playing around.  The apartment is continuing to improve and take on shape.  I finally got most of my mirrors for instance up.  I still need to get my desk and a few things but home is taking shape.  Matt and I have spent the past 3 nights together, thats nice...but this weekend will give us a break and time off which is prolly good, considering he nor I are ready to be serious.  Nonetheless not having spent a night alone at the house has been nice.  Anyhow...cant think of much else...but as I get bored though the night I'm sure I will add more.

As much of a host I want to be for Matt I'm sure he has been getting a glimpse of the weirdness of Matt Leffler. :-)  This morning I gave him a candy bar and a glass of water for breakfest. :-)  Then while he showered I did crunches to work off the horrible fat....as he ate his Matt breakfest he got to watch me doing a facial and applying my vitamin E capsules to my face topically...:-)  He is only 21 so I keep telling him he has to understand that I'm almost 7 years older than him and the only thing between me dating a 21 yr old and not.....is vitamin E, crunches and under eye cream.  Although nicely tonight some other guy argued with me on that note and said I was too young to be in a mid-life crisis and I looked "very very attractive." ....  I thought....see....it is working!!!!

alright...so in my reading of others journals I found this survey...figure....why not?
You Are Most Like John F. Kennedy
You live a fairy tale life that most people envy. And while you may have a few dark secrets, few people know them.
What Modern US President Are You Most Like?

So...how about my horoscope...."You might experience an inner conflict about a domestic situation. If you feel possessive and have difficulty letting go of jealousy, now is the time to push through these feelings. You could put on a dramatic show, but this isn't necessary to get the answers you want or the happiness you seek. It's not about how you are loved by others; it's about how you love yourself" --- I do have a few domestic conflicts...and of course I do have the idea to put on a show...but...alas...I have made enough of a show already and I am just gonna stay low.