July 17th, 2006

Matt Leffler

33:10 Fun times

So this weekend was pretty low intensity, high drinking consumption and lots of extra sun with 3 mini pool parties.  I need to get some hot pics in the pool....:-)  anyhow....here is a quick pic from this past weekend out.....this was our posse saturday night...

I was out friday night at connection and realized the falsh light party was a cover for the absence of electricity.  That coupled with the 100 degree weather that day made me suggest we all venture off to Q for alittle AC.  I am usually the first one to go home....but somehow I ended up passing on riding home with the original driver, then passing on driving with the backup driver, then passing on a ride home offer to finally settle on the fourth train home.  I was impressed that I stayed out so late.  Then saturday erupted.  I started it with a budlight and the pool....then another friend joined, followed by another, then another, then two of their friends next thing I knew we were playing marco pool and having a pool party.  That gave way to sleep...I was so tired...but we were all hungry so David and I (mostly I) made spaghetti for everyone.  I had been swimming for 4 or 5 hours and needed a power nap....then we hit the bar.....I danced, I was merry, I even am kid tested mother approved!  Well...here is that story....so i am drinking off to the side with my friends and this older lady comes up to me to get my name and we start talking and then she is like....hey it is my son's birthday and I want you to meet him....are you single?  Course I am....so we had an engaging conversation with the mother acting like a cheerleader to a degree and I passed on my number on a napkin and returned to my side of the incident.  I ended up closing the bar that night, and wasnt tired enough to sleep so .... we went swimming.  But no one had prepared and the trunks werent available and the next I know I see David streaking across into the water in his boxer briefs...I think I lasted for only 15 minutes in my underwear before i decided this was enough excitement for me and I headed back in to the house and then a friend across the street came over and we talked till like 7:30 am and finally i hit the sack....only to get up at 4pm and settle back in the pool drinking red wine with a friend.  Fun times....and here are additional pictures of that night as well as of the house....welp...I am at work now so fun stuff!  David is supposed to be coming down at some point to just keep me company as I do a paper for him....cant wait to see what grade I get on that.