July 18th, 2006

Matt Leffler

33:11 Feel the wrath!!!

Senator Dick Roeding, R Lakeside Park of the Kentucky General Assembly made the following comments regarding the University of Louisville offering domestic partnership benefits to employees.

Sen. Dick Roeding, who called it "repulsive" and called homosexuals "the wrong kind of people," and said he would consider legislation to block the policy.  Roeding called the Log Cabin Republican Club of Kentucky, a gay GOP group, "a bunch of queers" in The Kentucky Post.
Here is his website and email address.... http://www.lrc.ky.gov/sendistricts/s011/s011.htm I already emailed him and just explained to him how stupid he was and how he represented his district.  Lets take a look at how stupid the man looks....

   Looks like a perverted child molester if you ask me.  Usually the people who dislike "queers" as he says are fags themselves.  That or just really really....no I mean...REALLY stupid people.  The head of his party even called it inappropriate.

I think I am going to go on a secret campaign against him in a truely Matt Leffler way.  Sign him up for chain letters and crap like that.  MUAHHHAAAA!!!!!!!   May that rain down upon you!!! Or maybe I'll just get over it and say....at least he is ugly.