July 19th, 2006

Matt Leffler

33:12 need for speed...

Anyhow...so the cute cable boy just left.  My landlord HAD internet here already....but with a downstream speed of 350kbps and upstream of 90kbps I was thirsty for bandwidth.  Now Insight has left and my 4100kbps downstream and 330kbps upstream is running.  Keep your slow internet, I'll take the one I pay 40 bucks for that works.

Also...I have to do this...just makes me feel so so ... special.  3 people have mentioned the missing 25 pounds lost over the last couple months.  Last night I was asked if I was smoking crack.:-)  Nahh....the perfect diet consists of ramon when your hungry..(only 140 calories per package) eat only 2 per day....drink just water and no snacks with excersize and boom....you look like a crack addict.  So I am meeting with the trainer at the Norton gym today at 2pm.  Setting more goals on that front.  OH...and I think I am gonna grow some sort of facial hair thingy....????  Havent shaved in a week or so...so gonna see how that turns out.