July 24th, 2006

Matt Leffler

33:15 Newly single equals....

So I am not trying to boast really...but it is kinda refeshing to be in the seat i am in right now.  Rather than worry that the guy your dating is gonna leave you....your now getting the self image support of being newly single...and improving yourself.
For instance .... I said to a guy tonight who asked to take me on "a romantic dinner" and said he was gonna keep asking....my response " lol...well....possible...but i just broke
        up with someone, and am kinda after two guys, and semi after another who is hard to figure out and i have two others after me that I am already going on dates with this week and I havent decided yet if I am really interested in them and that doesn't take into consideration the couple boys I have hungout with that I am sure I am not interested in.........the joys of being newly single i guess....??  
Ron told me I cant call him a slut anymore.  But I mean...I have all this built up avenues and seem to have hit the ground running and then slipped on a downhill and am rocketing through.  My hope???  One of the 2 or 3 guys I like...actually likes me at the same time for more than just one night.  

As Shane always said.....  Feast or Famine.   Since April till the beginning of this month it was straight up famine.  Now...apparently the harvest has come in.  And if your included in the jumble of guys I am talking about...dont worry I am alittle bit in control of all this and I dont plan to hurt anyone...I'll be honest with you if your honest with me.  AND I am an open book it isnt hard to figure out how I feel about ya.  OH....but btw...do me a favor if your one of the guys I am talking about....( we've hungout 3 times now and you were high beyond belief...live and let live but if your unable to carry a conversation dont ask David why we dont talk a lot.)  maybe skip the maryj for our next outing. 

BUT.....anyhow....I am off the next wee bit.  5 of the next 7 days I plan to just lay out at the pool.  Nice also that I have the next 4 weekends off!  And of course....around my birthday I have an 8 day off spread.  SO...this coming month should be dandy.  As one of the guys I've been talking to has said...  "just go with the flow" so....i am