August 27th, 2006

Matt Leffler

36:15 Without you the tides change ...

"Without you" - RENT

So I had a wildly Matt Leffler mix up today that I wont divulge but lets just say it turned out okay and prolly was a hint of Karma taking care of me in retrospective ways.

In a tangent of the same mix up so I stumbled upon the boy that I am kinda secretly seeking's online journal. AHHHH....insight. Finally I am tipped off to the world within as others are to me.

You know...I am going to learn that journal by heart. He wrights in poetry. Isn't that precious? Romantic? Artistic? Beautiful? Something I can't say the others do. I am gonna work towards this...I am going to test a notion in my mind.
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    Rent - Without you