September 7th, 2006

Matt Leffler

36:25 Time Out!

So JESUS MARY! I've finally made it through the work a lot aspect that hits you after your off for almost 2 weeks. Our schedules work out so that your either great or screwed. I'm inbetween now.:-) Although I have to tell you sometimes it isnt bad to be screwed. :-)
So on to the next Matt Subject of Interest (MSOI) that cute guy I'd been trying to capture...well he emailed me that he has now moved. Apparently he muttered some line that was rather not appropriate to the ex. He said I should be proud of him...and...course I am...he is moving on and out. even with a bang, which honestly is a Matt kinda trait. He ended his notice to me with the warning that he will soon be my neighbor. To make a point of how I feel about that one of the ladies at work asked me how close he'll be...I was like...I dont know...maybe like??? 64 footsteeps? :-) who's counting? Anyhow MSOI is a good thing anyway it goes.
The apartment...gosh I have some cleaning to do round here. Having some friends from work out I guess here Saturday before we hit the bar. Speaking of workout ... I think at night when I work I am gonna start taking my lunch and walking across the street to the gym and do the whole work out at 2 am thing. Easiest thing for my schedule and I need to get a routine anyhow.
Oh and so as I have been reading and noting the 9/11 anniversary and remembered the day it happened and how Brandon and I watched it and called friends and just watched and it was such a beautiful day...and just recall laying in bed with him when our roommate told us what was happening. POINT ... I stopped talking to Brandon kinda adruptly just about a year ago, so I called him
So anyhow...thats the where when who and how of me right now. Patience....