September 8th, 2006

Matt Leffler

36:26 Restroom Antics

Picture Indiana Jones and the quest for the holy grail. Final scenes here...Many cups infront of you. Choose wisely.

So i ended up going on out last night. No sign of the MSOI. It was 70s night and I tried to dress the part with as retro of an Express shirt as I had. I made it out...lost in darts...was caught in the bathroom almost making out with someone by David...who he didnt approve of. Then was caught making out with a guy in the bathroom that he did approve of. Then I ended up going home with another guy and was reminded this morning that David said I should get his number and go home with the second guy in the bathroom. Insult to injury the second guy in the bathroom had emailed me at 3:26 this morning with a simple message..."Call me when you get home." Damnit.

So anyhow ... in a nut shell. MSOI is AWOL. And I picked the wrong grail last night.