September 26th, 2006

Matt Leffler

(no subject)

so anyways...i am apparently off to bed. BUT I did make out with this cute 21 yr old named cory who is quickly moving towards the MSOI post. But his fatal flaw his he wants to be that so we shall see how far it goes. Subconciously I am not sure I can love anyone since Brent so I apparently only pick guys who I know will not work out. Cory is cute. Cory and I had breakfest and then made out for 20 minutes in my bed and he said he needed to go cause otherwise he'd do more than he should and I told him if he needed to go then that was okay cause while I was happy to lay next to him and make out I'd rather he be comfortable with how fast or slow things were going. This is our second time making ot together in one week. Could it be I found one of the last guys out there worth anytime? I dont know but I have to run as my new apparent third cat is demanding his time. Again...we call him .... flood.
Matt Leffler

37:04 St. Louis

So in a previous message I had indicated on here my intention to be a volunteer in the HIV vaccine. Welp they called and I may be making a brief road trip to St. Louis here within the next month. I'm pretty excited about it. Mostly cause I feel like while I am helping the cause I am also putting myself in the best and most advanced idea for not getting HIV.