September 27th, 2006

Matt Leffler

37:05 Before it happens

So tonight the guy i have called my msoi (i forgot what it means but a month ago it was explained) the msoi called and said i get off at 2:30 and was wondering what you were up too. Well..I called back. And I fully expect he wont call at 2:30. SO...I just want it noted I am crawling into bed before 2:30 demonstrating that ... i have a low expectation....course i'll sleep with the phone cause he is cute and great in bed....but...i am not waiting up anymore...just sleeping next to the phone.
Matt Leffler

37:06 And tonight the part of MSOI will be played by ...

So anyhow the MSOI did not infact call at the time he instigated. But that didnt really cause too much trouble. You see there is this other BEAUTIFUL ( I would say cute but seriously he is beautiful... )guy that I hit on unsuccessfully about a month or so ago. Well...after it was all said and done this morning I got up with him in my bed. Honestly I expect little cause he falls into the intimidating category so I dont plan to pursue him I'll just remain reactionary. but it was nice watching scrubs for several episodes with the legs touching and then entering into a high intensity passionate romp in the bed. My only stupid mistake was after we were done he said ... "Wanna go again" I said lets sleep for a bit. DAH!!! What did I do? Stupid Stupid Stupid. Oh well ... I had fun anyhow.