December 2nd, 2006

Matt Leffler

It is shaping up to be a very good night.

So lets take this back a spell cause it actually begins sometime ago in July.

I met a guy.  He was cute.  He had a boyriend.  His boyfriend was a friend of mine.  They broke up we hungout kinda simi secretly.  His ex and I got into a tiff discussion about our exes and it ended with us talking just as much as we usually do .... not at all.  One of those kinda friendships.  But the boy.  We continued to hangout now and then.  He accused me once of just wanting sex....!!!!!!.....dont get me wrong, the three condom wrappers on the floor the last time we had movie night are nice, but umm...we did watch 3 movies what I really secretly wanted was to have his children and a mercedes SUV.  But a long time back I mentioned I was gonna try something called patience.  It really seems to work.  This has been months and months in the works.  And it has built into laying next to each other kissing and watching movies, me cooking dinner, us sleeping with his feet rubbing mine.  Tonight we are supposed to go out once he gets off work.  He has called me on his break and during his lunch.  I told him I'd prolly be out before he gets off and he said "I'll find you." And ... thats awesome, cause thats what I was thinking I'd be doing.  So shouldnt be hard for us to find each other.  
Anyhow point being.  I will continue to be patient.  I am just a tad giddy that a very hot guy I have had a crush on has evolved and evolved.  Funny enough David and Derrick kinda think this isnt going anywhere, course they kinda dont know him...and from the way I act ... the patience thing prolly seems odd.  David actually is exhibiting jealousy a tad...I'll talk about that another time.  But ... point is, cute guy...I've liked....and hungout with many times....and we are gonna be taking it out into the world.  I'll play cool.  I'll stay patient and I'll be pretty happy.