January 6th, 2007

Matt Leffler

Love Actually

I Love this movie. The final scenes. Always makes me feel good. "Love Actually"

Welp I am looking at my schedule and debating a mini-vacation. Well deserved and needed. Looks like Jan. 31 to Feb. 7 will be my best bet. Not sure if Chicago is my destination or Florida.

The final aspects as the boy runs down the hall of the airport to say he loves this girl and is being chased by the police ... reminds me of when I jogged across Bowling Green in the middle of the night to tell Kevin I loved him. Way back in 1998. :-) You hit those moments when you just have to do it. Those are awesome. Or when I got the call from Brandon from Florida and he asked what I'd say it he told me he was in his car driving back to Louisville for me. I told him I'd be home in time to unlock the door. It is these instances of great comebacks or great demonstrations of love that are really the stuff that shapes you.