January 31st, 2007

Matt Leffler

Random Nitty Bits before I go out.

1. circa 1998 I meet a guy named Justin.  Hot conversation, killer eyes and smile.  Intelligent and fun enough we both were trashy together the first two times we first saw one another within a one week span.  Rare that you can say he was cute, smart and you two physically clicked alittle too plainly in sight of everyone.  But you are both too young and live far apart.  you get a BF so does he...but you see him out like at Halloween 2001 and you cant stop but compliment his hot outfit.  Superman.  ( See I still remember ) And it ends there cause you both have others you've promised.  He moves away.  Fast forward 2005.  You are working a traveling job and he now lives in one of your cities you visit you hangout again he still impresses.  How did you run into one another?  Sheer fate?  You have another couple nights together.  But then you quit the job and he moves away.  Lost again.  But as life does 2007 you run into each other again.  He lives in Chicago now and you are still here and he and you are still full of flirty convo.  Hmmm...you know I always talk highly of that town and always wanna viist.  Like I have a couple reasons now.  
Isnt it nice how life puts some people on courses where you keep crossing after you think an opportunity has passed?  More I think ... maybe its that time that has allowed you two to grow and still hold that youthful passion for him while being jaded with others.  i mean ... lucky has it we have never really hurt the other and he hasnt had to see my growing pains just as I havent seen his.  But we both know we have both had them .... experience at the same stuff but no mistakes can be blamed on the other.  We shall see.

2. Heading out to the bar tonight.  Out of my head really.  Drinking and dressed to impress feeling cool and collect.  I think I'll trade numbers with Colin finally.  I mean we have been kissing every night we are out but we still havent done that simple element.  Kinda nice.  Build some reason to calling before being able too call.

3. It is freaking fucking COLD!  i just bought gas and I swear my hand was about to fall off.  Okay ... maybe I am stretching that but ... shit!

4. I am all about saying "wank bugger" and rubish lately.  Too many english movies