July 8th, 2007

Matt Leffler

purge grows.

So the point of the ourge noticed the absence of me.  Then I showed up at the bar looking for two of my friends.  I waited outside of the pay part and they went on in after I waited about 30 minutes.  I was pissed.  See....I thought friends went in the bar and hung out together.

Then we got in...and the two preassholes became complete assholes.  I know it may have looked like I was an ass.  But I waited, I would have hung out but they expected me to search and follow and search.  Fuck Derrick.  Fuck Curtis.  Hopefully they have all the friendship they need cause they chose to exclude me multiple times.  Sorry I am not into searching for your lame ass selves.  Two people.  One who's entire life is simply a sad virtual glimpse at reality.  World of Warcraft is your best friend fool.  And two an opportunist who followed whatever he could find.  So...I'll back away...even more so from Derrick than I have.  The idiot hasnt yet realized I dont invite him to hang out much anymore....it is curt who tells him what is happening.  Mainly cause I am tired of his apthy and his boring ass WOW games.  Boring.  Pathetic.  Get a life and live one for once.  Idiot.  And curt just showed his loyalty by ignore my existence all night.

I am sorry I am a little on edge.  My father is possibly dieing as he is in the hospital for the second time in two weeks...getting blood for internal bleeding and they are just being ... bastards.  

So FUCK DERRICK RUSSELL.  Your such a great friend I think a stick could take your sorry ass place.  AND fuck you Curt if your going to search after dick or Derrick.  

Sorry but I dont and wont treat my friends like that and I wont accept the same treatment.

Lets see who gets called or responded too.  Assholes.  I dont like showing up at the bar and spending my night searching for the people I was supposed to show up with.  

Matt Leffler


next morning.  Not so whinning but also not so inclined to apologize my night.  I showed up looking for friends and I left doing the same.  Its time to sleep for me.   So I plan to do that....find jason tonight and thats all I feel like looking for.