July 1st, 2008

Matt Leffler

lay all your love on me.

I remet a guy a again.... and all I can say is ... Lay all your love on me - Sylver... no names but,  Brandon are you getting this before you leave?  No I wont take a BJ in the bathroom ... I'll take your life and offer mine.    I know your not trying to build something in Louisville.....nor am I.  But I see you, remember your song's that you sing and it's up to you to catch something, we all want.  Another person.  (He graduated in 98 so in the same boat as me...97.
But as we all know .... Sylver is music and Brandon is human.

if your the guy I call Brad Pitt in a river runs through it...and we had a really big momment in the bath room .... let me explain..... I want more than the bathroom.  I want to argue with you over who is right and end up sleeping next too you.

Matt Leffler

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lol.. .got up and read my journal.  Funny how quick a drunk guy can fall after one night of making out in a bathroom.  Welp, getting up now and ready to say, lets do it again.