August 2nd, 2008

Matt Leffler

...and everything seems close to righted

So long story short Matt got way too drunk last weekend and I thought everything was fine up until about 4:30am ... ignoring the brushes and scrape on my elbow caused from a failed cart wheel between bars ... ignoring not being able to keep down that shot I took with me mates (sorry keith for throwing up ... it was a good purple hooter)  I think really the only one who got any real venom from me was prolly the guy I was hanging out with all night ... I shot off on a few others but honestly I don't really feel too bad.  Just annoys me when the innocent find themselves at the end of my wits.  The rest ... well ... they have issues of there own.   Most annoying it really seemed to be a stellar night until 4:30.  Thank god I had started it early.

I misfire every so often but more often usually its actually a bottled up torrent of surpressed annoyances exacting all the justice God meant.   Well Karma seems to have taken care of me this weekend with surprising rewards and of course I did throughly apologize to the innocent.

I have never been one to put much weight in a "higher power"  but if I didn't know better I'd have to believe that some force wants me to keep doing what I'm doing.
Matt Leffler

stupid people buy stupid things

Some I'm sitting ... unable to sleep (again today ... thats like only 7 hours of sleep in three days but I am totally up ... course my eyes look like shit) anyhow ... watching some stupid conspiracy theory show about UFOs and I am arguing out loud with how stupid these UFO believers are .... "science deals with concrete standards and sometimes UFOs don't fit into these" ... right ... like the earth being the center of the universe doesn't fit in it either.  And then a commercial ......

from National Collector's Mint you can now buy this 9/11 actual 20 dollar bill at face value.  I'm sitting there thinking .... another dumb 9/11 trinkit that doesn't do anything but profit one small unaffected group of investors.  And then I notice "legal tender Liberia" and I am like ...... oh great .... its a liberian 20 dollar bill for 20 dollars US.  :-)  

According to the current exchange rate 20 liberian dollars =       .31 US dollars.  :-)  So for 20 bucks I'll give you something worth 1 quarter, 1 nickle and a penny.  :-)   Limit 5 per household.  lol.

Stupid people buy stupid things.

Matt Leffler

back in the day

So watching American Psycho ... drinking wine ... the opening song reminded me of New Order. And ... it takes me back, when I was 18 I was jogging around cherokee park as the Male High Versity hot Cross Country runner who was in the CJ ... (made me think I was the shit) gay but not admitting it, still obviously at Louisville's gay park jogging. In my walkman ... sorry no MP3 players in 1997 played this song that I found that the beat hit each step.


Oh and a side note:   Selena, thanks for saying you wont be able to make it over when I invited you over at TEN.  Some people say sure and you find yourself telling people on the phone sorry I am still waiting on SO and SO an hour later.