August 19th, 2010

Matt Leffler

100.01 Atomic Value?

So on the edge of 32 ( 2 days ) figured chapter 100 covered things here in the Book of Matthew. Break the ice here to you all ... no it doesnt change. Everything you type, everything you wish at 22 is still the same at 32. Ours is a culture of singularity and those bleeding and hoping for joining something greater than themselves are gonna find themselves alone or maybe feeling judged and a less person with each year.

Sure there is the good times. Sure we find we can do more and more than we could when we were 22, but we find when we were 22 we thought more was possible ... our dreams were greater and we end with 32 ... explaining to ourselves how everything around is about as good as it is going to get and we continue to fight to move out of small provincial towns like Louisville.

Luckily our age has forced us to build some kind of safety net to prevent us from moving away without anything.

Put your hands in my hand, and I will show you the way. .... love that line and something since I last jounraled has hapopened Pandora which is exactly like yahoo radio but then they dont know what it is or that I already have a station based on over a thousand picks by me ... but ... now doing the padora thing cause as I dont grow up I have to keep embracing the stupid crap...(stupid cause the channel I like most is Whitney Houston ... why is Mrya Cary on it?) Keep it Simple stupid! KISS!

But hey i dont do that either. Anyhow ... a week ...well actually 3 days from graduating with my BSIT and annoyed I keep getting invited to interview for shit as financial sales jobs on monster.

Just sent this email to a recruiter:

Sorry Peter if I wasn't clear. I didn't go to school for my bsit get more certs than letters in your name and start an MBA to send a resume regarding the contract position your looking to fill.
Ill send a resume if you can pay 80+ with benefits and tell me when I get my masters ill be looking at some major advancement in a year. Yes I am that sure of myself...who else are you talking to who can set up a secure VNC connection to a remote virtualized PC using VMware...yeah I am including the networking aspects with port forwarding to pass firewalls and still at least meet encryption needs.
You just carpet bomb resumes and I get offers like this three times a week and if you haven't caught it you can't afford me with your offer.
Please remove me from your list.
Matthew Leffler

Anyhow headed to South Beach check in cause Micheal told me too.